Why social discrimination is still real?

When we speak about crimes against humanity, we speak about the crimes that are done by us or were not prevented by the ones with power. Homophobia, racism, islamophobia, sexism — the list of hate expression is enormous.

If you think that the feeling of intolerance and superiority above any group is the inborn emotion — you are wrong. Hate is what people are taught to feel for some reason, and this reason is resources.

An old axiom

Divide and rule is the axiom that proved its undeniability for the whole bunch of rulers. Since the existence of politics, repressions, hate crimes, and crimes against women is being practiced in foreign policies as well as in domestic ones.

Fight for resources

The most shocking thing about oppressing a group of people depending on any distinctive feature is that the oppressors believe in their superiority. And considering this fact, the hate is really hard to stop.

But why this happens? All is very simple — the oppressors occupy the resources of the oppressed. The simplest example is shown in the research where it says that for every 63 cents earned by a black woman there is one dollar earned by a white cis-gender male. For Latina women, it’s even less — 53 cents.

As for the example of injustice in foreign politics — annexation of the territories in East Europe or fight for oil in the African continent, where the powerful just take the resources of the weaker to feed.

Co-operation is the key to survival

The list of injustice can go on and on both for domestic policies of any country and foreign ones. The inequality that now is seen towards nature, oceans, and living beings cannot be disputed from a reasonable angle of view. Humanity takes advantage of nature, leaving it without resources as well.


We all are oppressors and oppressed. The duality of the situation confuses and scares, but there is the way out. Tolerance to the other, equality in the allocation of resources among people and nature, social credit for the groups of the oppressed might help to stabilize the conditions with the supplies and improve the co-living of people and nature for a long time to come.




Stories on science, critique, and social behavior. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savashonair/

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Savash on-air

Savash on-air

Stories on science, critique, and social behavior. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savashonair/

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