Democracy Pending Issues: Finding The Way Of Conflicts Resolution

Types and principles of democracy

Let’s start with the definition of democracy. According to the Britannica dictionary, democracy stands for “ruled by people”. The thing is that it only matters what kind of people and how they are chosen to do so. There is a variety of democracies: direct democracy, representative, and constitutional, consequently the way the ruler is chosen defines each type. Another kind of democracy that hasn’t been understood so well — a monitory one. This one is a special one where the ruler is precisely observed and led by private and public agencies.

Pending issues of democracy

One of the biggest challenges for democracy now is fulfilling individualistic liberties in the countries of the former Soviet Union. basic democratic rights such as freedom of speech, press, and will can’t be fully expressed, as for the past 30 years the elites and general population of this region have been under huge oppression and totalitarian control. It has caused some kind of atrophy of social and personal responsibilities.


Since the piece started with the listing of local conflicts and wars of October 2020, it’s time to stress the main matters of concern. Eastern European countries, as long as the whole region of the former Soviet camp, one way or another is going to become a democracy, and unfortunately, this transformation already takes lives in wars and police clashes.



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