On January the 6th, 2021Trump supporters were given an exceptional opportunity to enter the U.S Capitol Building. Wearing MAGA hats, waving confederation flags, the protesters confronted surprisingly unarmed security, smashed the offices, and even managed to pose with the symbols of U.S democracy.

Who are Trump Supporters?

QAnon conspiracy theory fans, right-wing groups, and…

Officially from 3000 women in Argentina die every year of clandestine abortion operations. Abortion decriminalization law is not a matter of letting abort or not, it is a matter of saving women’s lives.

Argentinian pro-life movement “Light Blue Wave” fails to stop pro-choice activists 8A which leads to the historic…

Savash on-air

Stories on science, critique, and social behavior. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savashonair/

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